Testimony from Wyketta Roberts.

After 10 years of ministry, and operating in what I thought to be Truth minus the religion, it was not until August 1, 2022, when I joined the Discipleship Class conducted by Joseph Kalema Ministries,(School Of Biblical StudiesSBS) that I came to the true revelational knowledge of what a real relationship, wholehearted intimacy and rest in God actually looked like.

I’d labored and sought after every possible possibility that would qualify, approve, certify and validate my identity in Christ. Not only was I misunderstood but I came to find out that I too had been misleading, misrepresenting and ministering to most individuals as if they were still in the fallen state….unregenerated and unredeemed. I was sadly mistaken, but eternally grateful that there was a platform, School of Biblical Studies (SBS) open by God and hosted by JKMI. The day my mentor, Rev. Catherine Kalema decided to lay aside herself and abilities to make  additional earnings for her family, and say “Yes Lord…..I am concerned about what concerns you”, was one of the best days of my life. Simply said, I was freed from a spirit of religion! The blinds that were blinding me spiritually and the shackles and strongholds of man’s theology, were deemed null and void the very instance my faith became one with Romans 5:17.
A gift……for me? A gift of righteousness that I had never been taught about or exposed to up until August 1, 2022…..my reception of this gift had totally set me free; it along with God’s Grace. This revelation loved on me, comforted me, and satisfied the emptiness and weariness I was experiencing from all of my hard work and dedication to receive what was already mines.
So while this testimony does not provide you with tools on how to increase your finances or obtain the home, car or career that you may be dreaming of. What it will provide you with is Truth and Proof, that freedom in Christ is real. His death was not in vain, righteousness is a gift and all you have to do is receive it. It really is that simple, and I repent on behalf of the misinformed, I also repent for misinforming others, making Righteousness of God’s gift seem so complicated; for it having been made to seem so hard. God Loves you, Christ loves you and the Holy Spirit is readily awaiting your day of liberation here at Joseph Kalema Ministries Inc. And remember, whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!
With Love and Truth,
Wyketta. Y. Roberts 2023