January 2024

After 10 years of ministry, and operating in what I thought to be Truth minus the religion, it was not until August 1, 2022, when I joined the Discipleship Class conducted by Joseph Kalema Ministries,(School Of Biblical StudiesSBS) that I came to the true revelational knowledge of what a real relationship, wholehearted intimacy and rest in God actually looked like.

I’d labored and sought after every possible possibility that would qualify, approve, certify and validate my identity in Christ. Not only was I misunderstood but I came to find out that I too had been misleading, misrepresenting and ministering to most individuals as if they were still in the fallen state….unregenerated and unredeemed. I was sadly mistaken, but eternally grateful that there was a platform, School of Biblical Studies (SBS) open by God and hosted by JKMI. The day my mentor, Rev. Catherine Kalema decided to lay aside herself and abilities to make  additional earnings for her family, and say “Yes Lord…..I am concerned about what concerns you”, was one of the best days of my life. Simply said, I was freed from a spirit of religion! The blinds that were blinding me spiritually and the shackles and strongholds of man’s theology, were deemed null and void the very instance my faith became one with Romans 5:17.
A gift……for me? A gift of righteousness that I had never been taught about or exposed to up until August 1, 2022…..my reception of this gift had totally set me free; it along with God’s Grace. This revelation loved on me, comforted me, and satisfied the emptiness and weariness I was experiencing from all of my hard work and dedication to receive what was already mines.
So while this testimony does not provide you with tools on how to increase your finances or obtain the home, car or career that you may be dreaming of. What it will provide you with is Truth and Proof, that freedom in Christ is real. His death was not in vain, righteousness is a gift and all you have to do is receive it. It really is that simple, and I repent on behalf of the misinformed, I also repent for misinforming others, making Righteousness of God’s gift seem so complicated; for it having been made to seem so hard. God Loves you, Christ loves you and the Holy Spirit is readily awaiting your day of liberation here at Joseph Kalema Ministries Inc. And remember, whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!

With Love and Truth,

Wyketta. Y. Roberts 2023

Dear Catherine,
I trust the drive went well in NH yesterday.
Praise GOD!

Blessings abound.
Thank you so much for your prayers Catherine. I am so eager to continue the report of the Lord.

Today two of the men I shared the information with regarding confession in prayer meetings, did just that in open as I did. We didn’t see much in particular, but I no matter what we see, it is a beginning of obedience to do as you had said, and confess our sins openly to one another to humble ourselves and receive Him in revival.

Today at work, one of the women I work with who has been struggling not to smoke cigarettes, I gave a prayer to pray as a form of self deliverance—but told her to get into the word, asking her if she had a Bible, prepared to hand her one on the spot if needed. She said she did have a Bible, but the funny part is the woman swears like a sailer, BUT when I asked her about the Bible she began to rattle off Bible verses from memory like a pastor. I told her to take in the Word, as medicine, because the Word IS God, and where God is, sickness cannot be, it has to go.

Work definitely is my church right now. Praise God for strength, courage, and a sound mind!

Dear Catherine,
It was such an amazing day at work! Last night I went to a prayer meeting and did as you suggested and I guess something was released as a result. I think I may have to start a journal of testimony!
I prayed for one woman and she said she felt like she got “zapped”–and was surprised that I did not feel anything. She said she felt tingling go all the way down her right side. She is possibly going to end up doing the same as I am down here walking in my neighborhood knocking on doors with her husband, only up in the Lewiston area. She is the one that renounced reading horror novels and began reading her BIble again.

I felt so encouraged that when one of the woman who was working for me today whom I hadn’t seen in several years was talking to me, I began to testify and she was telling me about all these things that were going on in her marriage. I described that as a Christian woman she could take authority over those things affecting her husband and tell them to go. She was greatly surprised. She was involved with some other things that concerned me with a Shaman, but I felt the Lord tell me not even to go there….to just minister to her needs. I gave her my deliverance prayer/salvation prayer bookmark from the prayer my friend Doug have given me and said a simple prayer with her, putting annointing oil on my hand and holding her hand.

She went into the locker room and prayed the prayer, entering into the blank part of the deliverance prayer her need to have her knee healed because the doc said there was swelling and she had clicking. She told me afterwards she had been experiencing difficulty putting weight on it and was limping. IMMEDIATELY after she said the prayer, the swelling decreased in her leg and shortly after the clicking stopped and the pain so that she could walk on it without a limp! She was sooo happy and so encouraged. She promised to read her Bible too. Note from Rev. Catherine: Every believer reading this, be encouraged, because you can do the same! God is waiting on you to move and reach out to people!

Later I testified these things to another woman in the building who is a Christian, but she said she wanted me to pray for her so that she could read her BIble, because she had difficulty. I promised her that I would bring the prayer card I gave to the other woman and pray for her the next time I saw her, but in the meantime, I told her that she should read the BIble, whether she thinks she is understanding anything or not, and I shared what you had told me. Then I believe the Holy Spirit quickened me to explain, “It is like taking a vitamin every day. You may not see the results immediately, but overtime, it will heal.”

Several times I have declared inside and outside that building, ‘EVERYONE SHALL BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!’ I believe it is His will. I’m going to keep proclaiming it. This is on my heart.
I cannot begin to tell you the joy I feel knowing that people are getting to know who Jesus REALLY is, and what He does NOW. I wish I could have a prayer meeting every night to keep this momentum up.

Note from Rev. Catherine: I said to her last week, “Francine, I know God is going to use you mightily in your neighborhood and this region to bring a big revival.” Then she responded. I threw my hands up in the air and said to God, “Who God who? These pastors up here are so blind they do not even respond when I tell them things, or send them info. But as always, God is not easily flustered by this. So many pastors need help up here. FORTY CHURCHES ON THE COAST HAVE CLOSED. And one recent study said Portland Maine was THE LEAST CHRISTIAN city in the world. How crazy is that? So God has to show up….”

As you said, no matter what the devil did, the Lord Jesus is invading this territory and there is no excuse….I have some people that are reaching out to the people that they believe should be involved in this prayer movement and I should know something by the end of this week, if not sooner..Most of the people I actually don’t know.

What disturbs me most about this region is how absolutely anti-Catholic the Pentecostals are. So as a result this may all end up happening up here also with a bunch of Catholics, since the rest of the people are ignoring my email info and such….Though….there is one place in Westbrook where they had a prayer service..they may be willing. As the Lord leads.

Thank you Rev. Catherine for your infusion of hope and your reminder that delayed obedience is disobedience. Time is NOT to be wasted!